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Wondering about the fuss over cloud-based IT services? What does it mean to "go to the cloud"?

Going to the cloud is just a way of describing the use of popular business applications that are hosted on the internet. Instead of buying and maintaining expensive infrastructure to run an application in-house, you simply pay a modest subscription fee to the application provider for the right to use their product via the internet - usually within a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

What are the advantages of cloud computing? Here are just a few:

Almost all mainstream small business software manufacturers offer a cloud-based version of their product, including Microsoft (Exchange, Office), Intuit (QuickBooks) and (CRM). You can usually start using these programs today by completing a simple online subscription process.

Of course, it doesn't matter how good or inexpensive the application is if you can't get to it. That's where the FortiTechs CloudManager service comes in. If you're using hosted applications to run your business, then the internet has truly become mission critical, and when the internet is down you're losing money. CloudManager is focused on keeping your internet connection up and optimized so your cloud-based applications are always available and fast. And because constant internet use exposes your network to viruses, spyware, and other internet attacks, CloudManager includes business class firewall management and real-time antivirus protection to protect you.

Going to the cloud may be the perfect solution for your business, but only if you can get there safely and reliably. CloudManager guarantees both.

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