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Reliable cloud-based phone system for small businesses
Cut your phone bills by up to 75%

With our VOIPManager cloud-based phone systems, your company gets a big business phone system for an unbelievably small price. All you need are IP phones and a good internet connection - there is no need to spend thousands of dollars for an expensive PBX and additional thousands to get it implemented. A complete VOIPManager system can typically be deployed in a few hours, and existing numbers can be ported for free. Unlimited local and long distance is included within the U.S. and Canada, with low international rates available to other countries. And like all FortiTechs plans, service is month-to-month with no contract.

The key to a VOIP phone system is having a dependable internet connection that has been optimized to pass voice traffic between the internet and the phones. In the absence of a reliable, properly tuned connection, dropped phone calls and poor call quality can result. For this reason, a subscription to our NetManager or CloudManager program is required. This ensures that the proper firewall, internet connection, and expertise are provided to guarantee your new phone system performs to your satisfaction.

Most customers will cut their phone bill by 25 - 75%. In some cases, the savings realized will more than pay for our NetManager or CloudManager service, while providing a phone solution that is far better.

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